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Mazarine Partners is an investment firm focused on partnering with high growth water and wastewater technology companies across various stages of development.   We partner with leading hardware and software companies that are meeting demand trends in fast growing markets and sub-sectors of the water/wastewater industry. 

The water industry is estimated to be $655 billion in size and growing at a minimum of 5-8% per year, and for some subsectors as much as 40% annual growth.  Much of these expenditures are on infrastructure, but a growing percentage is on innovative water technologies.  Mazarine Partners invests in technology companies that are developing cutting-edge water technologies, which solve treatment problems and bring innovation to water infrastructure owners.


investing in sub-sectors that show high-growth potential


Testing & Monitoring Technologies

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is impacting the water/wastewater industry. Forward thinking decision-makers are leveraging the decreasing cost of sensors, testing, monitoring and security technologies to increase the quality and quantity of reporting, making them ‘smart’.

Mazarine is currently tracking “Smart-water” technologies including: sensing, monitoring, predictive analytics, remote controls, security, and enterprise networks.

Industrial Treatment Technologies

Oil & gas, mines, and power plant end-users face significant water and wastewater treatment challenges. As withdrawl and discharge requirements see increased regulation, global demand for industrial treatment technologies is one of the fastest growing subsectors.

Mazarine is currently tracking industrial treatment technologies including: heavy metal and organic contaminant removal, and more.  

Resource Recovery Technologies

We believe the next generation of wastewater treatment plants will be driven by biological recovery technologies.

Mazarine is currently tracking technologies that have applications to recover: carbon/energy, inorganics/metals, bulk nutrients, trace compounds, or any proven technology that enables resource recovery across the wastewater treatment cycle.



Investing in water technologies requires not only a firm grasp of engineering but also trusted business strategy and operations expertise.
— Karen Meidlinger, Managing Principal, Mazarine Partners