Mazarine Partners
Technology Investment Fund


investing in proven innovation

Who we are

We are investors that seek to become capital partners to venture and growth stage wastewater technology companies. We partner with founders and owners who offer clients products and services addressing targeted sub-sectors of the $655B global water industry. 

Mazarine Partners was officially launched in 2017 when Karen Meidlinger, Tami Fratis, Mark Kropilak, and John Robinson teamed up to invest in technologies we believe will be industry leaders of the coming decade. Mazarine is a US$100M venture / growth fund.

What we believe

The water industry is estimated to be $655 billion in size and growing at a minimum of 5-8% per year, and for some subsectors as much as 40% annual growth.  Much of these expenditures are on infrastructure, but a growing percentage is on innovative water technologies.  Mazarine Partners invests in technology companies that are developing cutting-edge water technologies, which solve treatment problems and bring innovation to water infrastructure owners.

Water and wastewater infrastructure is largely owned by industrial and municipal players who are actively seeking innovations that help them clean water and wastewater more effectively as well as innovations that help them manage their infrastructure more efficiently.  We believe that there are significant drivers behind this focus, e.g., increasing water scarcity, and these drivers will continue to produce attractive investment returns in this space.  

Mazarine Partners believes that the confluence of regulatory trends, new market opportunities, new technologies and competitive factors provide strong support for our investment strategy and focus.  

What you seek

If you are an investor looking to capture growth opportunities in the water sector, and more specifically, attracted to a strategy that invests in technology companies with compelling growth prospects, then Mazarine Partners is the investment partner you have been seeking. 

We are making investments at the cutting edge of water testing/monitoring, industrial wastewater treatment, and resource recovery technologies. Soaring global demand for innovative and scalable hardware and software solutions in these sub-sectors ensures Mazarine’s portfolio companies will be amongst industry leaders over the coming decade.   

How we invest

We source deals via our global network of water industry clusters, technology organizations, and our investor network.   Once a technology is deemed to align with our investment thesis, we undertake the necessary financial, technical, operational due diligence, which will inform where and how we invest. 

Simply put, we look for technology companies led by proven teams who have continuously demonstrated throughout their career that they are forward-thinking, marketing savvy, and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy customer needs.   

What we offer

We are founder-first, which means we trust our technology companies' experience, know-how, and intuition about growth in their sub-market.  

Our mission is clear

Mazarine Partners' mission is to generate superior, long-term investment returns for our Limited Partners by investing in water technology companies that have unique properties and meet demand trends in fast growing markets and sub-sectors. We are committed to providing clear solutions to water issues via our "deep and rich blue" investment approach and experience.  

Scrutiny of financial and non-financial investment considerations requires an objective and disciplined process.
— Tami Fratis, Managing Principal, Mazarine Partners