Technology Investment Fund

Investment Approach

investment approach


How we invest

Mazarine is seeking significant ownership in profitable and near-profitable water/wastewater technology companies with annual revenues in the $1-10 million range. Our primary investment focus is on technologies including testing & monitoring, industrial wastewater treatment, and biosolids treatment. 

Our approach to water technology investing is rooted in process.
— Mark Kropilak


Mazarine Partners employs an internal investment process that we call the "Deep, Rich, Blue" process, reflecting our commitment to finding and creating value:

Deep: proactively deal-source as well as maintain and mine a database of water-tech investment opportunities.  We combine this with industry involvement that allows us to stay abreast of market trends and find the most promising investment prospects.

Rich:  conduct extensive evaluation and due diligence in order to confirm the market and expansion opportunities that will secure outsized returns for our limited partners. 

Blue:  confirm that the investment provides sustainable and ethical solutions, which are socially responsible and impactful.